Grey Products

A grey product is a commodity sold through distribution channels which, while legal, are unofficial, unauthorized, or unintended by the original manufacturer.



In looking for Tamron lens, you may find that there might be some products found that are not supplied through Serial I-Tech’s authorized dealers. These products do not come with the official local warranty and may have quality issues and problems

Interchangeable lens are precision optical and mechanical products that require a high level of care in handling. Therefore defects and malfunctions may occur if handling during transportation is not adequate or when the lens are not stored in the right conditions. For products supplied from Serial I-Tech to the authorized dealers, care is taken during transportation and storage to ensure the products are in tip top conditions. For grey or parallel imported products, there is a very high chance that the lens are being exposed to undesirable conditions such as high temperatures, vibrations, shocks humidity, dust etc. Moreover during transportation, the lens could be thrown about and inadequately handled.

Always look for Tamron products that are supplied from Serial I-Tech’s authorized dealers. By getting the official 5 years warranty set from an authorized dealer, you can be assured of product quality brought to you by Tamron and Serial I-Tech!

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